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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition




Minimum System Requirements

Processor : Core 2 Quad
Graphics Card : 1 GB DDR3 Dx11
RAM : 4 GB
Setup Size : 16 GB
Genre : Action Adventure
Release Year : 2012

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Editi...


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Sleeping Dogs is an action adventure video game developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix. It was originally released for PlayStation 3Xbox 360 and Windows. Set in contemporary Hong Kong, the story follows Wei Shen, an undercover Chinese-American police officer on assignment to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organization. Gameplay focuses on Shen’s fighting, shooting and parkour abilities, and on gadgets that can be used for combat and exploration. Players must complete missions to unlock content and continue the story, but they may instead freely roam the game’s open world environment and engage in both legal and criminal activities. The latter may incite a police response, the intensity of which is controlled by a “heat” system. Actions such as fighting, driving and racing grant Shen statistical rewards and earn the player achievements.

Sleeping Dogs difficult and prolonged development began in 2008. The game was announced in 2009 as part of the True Crime series but was canceled by Activision Blizzard in 2011, as a result of the project’s delays and budget issues. Six months later, Square Enix bought the publishing rights and renamed the game Sleeping Dogs, without the True Crime license, but considered a spiritual successor. During development, United Front staff visited Hong Kong to conduct field research for the visual environments and sound.

Upon its release in 2012, the game received positive reviews for its combat, voice acting, experience system and depiction of the city; but its camera and animations were criticized. Within one year, the game had sold over 1.5 million copies. New outfits, missions and add-ons, as well as three expansion packs, were released as downloadable content in the six months following the game’s debut. A remastered version, subtitled Definitive Edition, was released in October 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It features improved gameplay, setting and audio-visual quality based on community feedback.[1] The macOS version of Definitive Edition was released on March 31, 2016 by Feral Interactive.[2] The game’s success spawned a spin-off multiplayer game entitled Triad Wars, which was canceled in 2015. In 2017, a live action film adaptation was also announced, with Donnie Yen set to star as Shen.


Sleeping Dogs is an action-adventure game[4][5] set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. The player controls Wei Shen, a Chinese-American police officer who goes undercover and infiltrates the Sun On Yee Triad organization.[6][7] The initial missions of the game are a linear tutorial for controlling the character.[8] After these missions, the player is allowed to explore the game’s world and take part in side missions and other activities.[7] Shen navigates the world by running, jumping, climbing over obstacles, swimming,[9] and driving cars, boats and motorcycles.[10] The heads-up display (HUD) interface features a mini-map that indicates targets, key locations (safe houses and contact points) and Shen’s current position. The mini-map incorporates two meters: one shows Shen’s health and the other his face. When the face meter fills, upgrades are unlocked such as health regeneration, improved combat abilities and reduced equipment costs. The HUD also displays the weapon carried and its ammunition count.[11]

The game features role-playing elements based on three types of experience points (XP): Triad, Face and Police XPs. Triad XP is obtained through melee combat and violent actions such as “environmental kills”. Triad XP awarded is directly proportional to the complexity of attacking moves. Face XP, obtained in civilian side missions, fills Shen’s face meter and unlocks cosmetic items such as clothes and vehicles. By reaching a higher Face level, the player can freely buy vehicles or clothing. When it is full, Shen gains health regeneration, increased attack damage and other benefits.[12] Police XP is gained by minimizing civilian casualties and property damage in missions and by completing police side missions. Gaining XP unlocks abilities such as hot-wiring cars and disarming opponents.[13] The clothes, accessories and vehicles purchased by Shen affect non-player characters‘ reactions toward him. The player may also collect jade statues used to unlock melee combat skills.[7][14]

Shen performs an environmental kill against an enemy. The health meter, mini-map and status buffs are shown on the heads-up display.

Sleeping Dogs melee combat has been compared to that of Batman: Arkham Asylum: it allows the player to fight opponents coming from any direction with attack, grapple and counter-moves and can be performed with[15] or without[7] weapons. These three basic commands are chained together with the character’s movement to execute attacks.[16] The player’s face meter fills up faster when enemies are defeated with different moves in rapid succession or with environmental attacks.[7] Environmental attacks are performed by dragging enemies to certain objects, which Shen uses to eliminate opponents.[8] Melee weapons such as knives and tyre irons are available, but they break with extended use.[17] The player can perform “action hijacks” while driving vehicles. These cause Shen to leap from his vehicle to steal another in motion.[18] In combat, Shen loses health as he takes damage. This can be mitigated by taking cover where available.[19] If the health bar is depleted, the character will respawn at a hospital.

If the player directs Shen to commit crimes, police response is indicated by a “heat” meter on the HUD. The meter displays the current wanted level; if it reaches 5, the police will aggressively pursue Shen. The meter recedes when Shen is hidden from the cops’ line of sight. Police officers continue to search for Shen even if he leaves the wanted vicinity, and they will resume the chase if he is sighted. If Shen is arrested or killed by officers during missions, the player can restart from the last checkpoint.[20]

Some areas in the world remain inaccessible until milestones in the story are achieved.[8] Although the player must complete missions to unlock content and continue the story, they may also wander the game’s open world and participate in activities such as visiting a karaoke bar, carjackingstreet racing and joining a fight club.[7] There are several potential girlfriends for Shen:[21] successfully dating them awards collectibles and bonus content.[21] The completion of side missions rewards the player with new missions,[22] vehicles, and outfits, among other things.[23]

The game has no multiplayer component, but online leaderboards are available for players to compare scores.[7] Many activities that are not central to the story grant Stat Awards in three tiers: bronze, silver and gold.[24] These unlock achievements and trophies.[25]

As the game progresses, the player acquires various safe houses to save progress in, but at certain times is required to go there to progress further. Like other houses, the player can survey unlocked areas, change outfits, and a parking spot is accessible in which they can use unlocked vehicles.