Mafia Definitive Edition




Minimum System Requirements

Processor : Core i5-3rd Gen.
Graphics Card : 2 GB DDR3 Dx11
RAM : 4 GB
Setup Size : 36 GB
Genre : Action Adventure
Release Year : 2020

Minimum System Requirements
  • Processor: Core i5-2nd Gen
  • Graphics Card: 2 GB DDR5 Dx12
  • RAM: 4 GB
Setup Info
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Setup Size: 36 GB
  • Setup Price: Rs. 100
  • Installation Price: Rs. 250

Mafia Definitive Edition


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Mafia Definitive Edition is a 2020 action-adventure video game, developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. A remake of the 2002 video game Mafia, it is the fourth main installment in the Mafia series. Set within the fictional city of Lost Heaven, Illinois (based on Chicago) during the 1930s, the story follows the rise and fall of a Lost Heaven Sicilian-American mobster, Tommy Angelo within the Salieri crime family. Alongside the story mode, players can also explore the city in an open world mode, which features side missions and the ability to find secrets at their own leisure. The remake brought with it several improvements to the original’s story and gameplay, including a rebuilt setting, enhanced mission dynamics, and the introduction of motorcycles to the series. While most of the veteran Czech Mafia voice cast returned for the new installment, the English voices were recast. In addition, developers created an original score for the remake.

The game was released for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 25 September 2020, both individually and as part of the Mafia: Trilogy pack, which also includes a remastered version of the second game and an updated version of the third game. Upon release, it received generally favorable reviews from critics, with praise for revitalizing the story, performances, and graphics, yet faced some criticism over its animations.

Conceived as a full remake of the original, Mafia: Definitive Edition was built from the ground up with new assets and an expanded story, although missions and arcs from the original game are carried over. As with the 2002 game, players control Tommy Angelo throughout the game’s single-player campaign, and its world is navigated on foot or by vehicle. New to the remake is the introduction of motorcycles, a first in the series.[1] Mafia: Definitive Edition‘s gameplay mechanics are based on those of Mafia III. A ‘Classic Difficulty’ setting is also included, serving as the game’s hardest difficulty setting that changes some gameplay mechanics such as ammunition management and police response to crimes, bringing the game closer to the original 2002 game.[2]

Outside the main story mode, a separate Free Ride mode is included “as a nod to the original game”, allowing the player to explore the city at their own leisure without any mandatory mission objectives. Unlike the original game, however, Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme are merged into one game mode, with the latter’s outlandish and over-the-top side missions incorporated into the main Free Ride segment as hidden secrets to be uncovered by the player.[3]

A post-release update released in October 2020 added new activities in the game’s Free Ride mode, including taxi missions and a racing mode which takes place in the autodrome featured in the mission “Fair Play”. Also included in the update is the ability to play the game in black and white, labeled in the game’s settings menu as “Noir Mode” as a homage to film noir movies of the era, as well as various options allowing the player to show or hide parts of the game’s HUD.[4][5]


In 1930, during the Great Depression, impoverished taxi driver Thomas “Tommy” Angelo is strong-armed by two members of the Salieri crime family—Paulie Lombardo and Sam Trapani—into helping them escape an ambush by the rival Morello crime family. Although he is offered a job and is compensated for his help, Tommy Angelo returns to his job the next day until two Morello family members attack him in an act of revenge. After Sam and Paulie save him, Tommy asks Don Ennio Salieri for help and exacts retribution upon his attackers, while agreeing to join Salieri’s organization as an associate. Assisting with the operations of Salieri’s rackets across Lost Heaven, overseen by his consigliere Frank Colletti, he befriends Sam and Paulie during the jobs they perform together, while earning Salieri’s respect by thwarting an attempt by the Morello family to take over one of his rackets.

In 1932, Tommy, now a made man, begins a relationship with Sarah Marino, the daughter of Salieri’s bartender Luigi, after protecting her from some punks. Under Salieri’s orders, Tommy and Paulie raid the gang’s hideout in retaliation, but Salieri reprimands them for killing their leader, who was the son of corrupt city councilman Roberto Ghillotti. Tommy is later ordered to bomb a brothel for switching its loyalties to Morello, and kill an informant working there, but spares her at Sam’s request and lets her go in exchange for her silence. In 1933, Don Marcu Morello ramps up his efforts to dismantle Salieri’s organization, and gains support from Ghillotti, who desires revenge for his son’s murder. When Frank disappears with the family’s account books, Tommy finds him preparing to leave the country with his family, having made a secret deal with Morello and the FBI. Learning Morello threatened his family and sympathizing with Frank’s disillusionment with the mob lifestyle, Tommy allows him to leave with his family for Italy in exchange for the books, later lying to Salieri that he killed them.

By 1935, with Prohibition over, both Mafia families begin moving out into new rackets, while Tommy, promoted to caporegime for his successes, marries Sarah and starts a family. Upon learning Salieri is attempting to bribe law enforcement and city officials in his pocket, Morello attempts to assassinate him in a restaurant. Tommy protects him, and when it’s revealed that Salieri’s bodyguard has been spying on him for his rival, the families go to war. Tommy is sent to publicly assassinate Ghillotti to send a message that Morello can’t protect his friends, and kills Morello’s brother and right-hand man Sergio. The war eventually concludes when Tommy, Sam, and Paulie kill Morello himself as he was attempting to fly out of the city, this being accomplished when Tommy shot down Morello’s plane, and then executed the gravely injured Marcu Morello with a Thompson submachine gun. By 1938, the Salieri family is in full control of the city’s rackets. When Tommy, Sam, and Paulie are sent to retrieve a stash of diamonds hidden in cigar boxes seized by customs officers, they are shocked to find a hidden shipment of heroin instead; Salieri had warned his men against dealing hard drugs.

Tommy and Paulie are angered by Salieri’s duplicity and hypocrisy and, against Sam’s advice, rob a bank without informing the Don, intending to leave the mob lifestyle behind. Although the job is a success, Tommy finds Paulie shot dead in his apartment the following day and the stolen money missing. Sam calls Tommy to warn him that Salieri had put a hit on both men for going behind his back, and arranges to meet him at the city’s art gallery. Once there, however, Sam admits to murdering Paulie, and reveals that Tommy’s past cover-ups were exposed: Sam had deliberately asked him to spare Michelle, and Frank was recognized by a friend of the family after briefly coming out of hiding; both were subsequently killed by Salieri’s men. After surviving Sam’s attempt on his life, Tommy kills his former friend and leaves Lost Heaven with his family. He later contacts Detective Norman for assistance, to whom he relays his story before offering to testify against the Salieri family in exchange for protection for his family. Norman agrees to the request, out of respect for being a family man himself. The resulting investigation and mob trials lead to most of the Salieri family, including Don Salieri, being convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

After serving an eight-year prison sentence, Tommy is reunited with his family, all of whom are placed under witness protection and relocated to Empire Bay. Tommy makes a speech about the importance of family at his daughter’s wedding, saying it is both our greatest weakness and our greatest strength. Tommy lives a peaceful life with his family until 1951, when two men[b] approach Tommy. One of the men, Vito, asks for a Mr. Angelo, to which Tommy says “Yes.”. He is told by Vito that Mr. Salieri sends his regards, and then the other man, Joe, fatally shoots Tommy in the stomach with a lupara. Tommy dies surrounded by his family, saying that they are safe now. Tommy makes a short speech moments before he bleeds to death from his gunshot wounds, saying that money, jobs, and best pals will all come and go, but family is forever.