Hitman Absolution

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Minimum System Requirements

Processor : Core 2 Quad
Graphics Card : 1 GB DDR3 Dx11
RAM : 4 GB
Setup Size : 13 GB
Genre : Stealth
Release Year : 2012

Hitman Absolution


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Hitman Absolution is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. It is the fifth installment in the Hitman series. Before release, the developers stated that Absolution would be easier to play and more accessible, while still retaining hardcore aspects of the franchise. The game was released on 20 November 2012 (which is in the 47th week of the year in reference to the protagonistAgent 47) for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. On 15 May 2014 Hitman: Absolution — Elite Edition was released for OS X by Feral Interactive; it contained all previously released downloadable content, including Hitman: Sniper Challenge, a “making of” documentary, and a 72-page artbook.

Hitman: Absolution was met with a polarized reception. Most positive comments were concerning the game’s graphics, environments and locations, and the varied gameplay options. However, many critics disliked the game for its linear structure as opposed to the open ended nature of previous installments. As of March 2013, the game had sold over 3.6 million copies. A sequel, Hitman, was released episodically in 2016. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the remastered versions of Absolution and its predecessor, Hitman: Blood Money, were released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as part of the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection.


In this gameplay screenshot, Agent 47 is disguised as a policeman. Disguises allow players to gain access to previously restricted areas.

Hitman: Absolution is a stealth game in which the player assumes the role of a hitman named Agent 47. Presented from a third-person perspective, the gameplay centers around completing set objectives within a series of levels.[7][8] Objectives can range from simply reaching the end of the level, to eliminating specific individuals.[8] The players choose how to complete each level, taking branching paths to get to a target or location.[9] Players may use pistols, bottles or bricks, assault rifles, shotguns, fiber-wire, or steel pipe against enemies if opting for the action-oriented approach, or avoid enemies altogether, not being seen, using disguises, blending into the environment, and only attacking the set target(s), if using the stealth-oriented approach.[10][11][12] Agent 47 also has the ‘Instinct’ ability that lets the player monitor enemies more easily.[9] There are also environmental ways to kill or distract individuals; players can use poison to spike coffee, pull switches to make a disco ball fall and break, cause a massive explosion at a gas station, pull a switch to cause scaffolding to fall down, cause fires, or set off fireworks.[9][13] Players complete chapters in order to progress through the story. The player journeys to various locations, including a mansion, library, strip club, gun store, wrestling arena, courthouse, and hotel during the story.[13]

The game introduces an online option to the series, ‘Contracts’, where players can create their own missions for other players to complete.[14] Players choose one of the areas from the game’s story missions and decide which non-player characters (NPCs) are required to be eliminated, what weapon must be used to eliminate each target, what disguise is required, whether the body must be hidden or not and if the player is allowed to be spotted by the AI.[15] “Contracts” was shut down in May 2018 due to IO Interactive not owning or controlling the online servers but needing to comply with GDPR legislation.[16]


Set after the events of Hitman: Blood Money, the game begins in Chicago Illinois with Agent 47 (David Bateson) detailing his relationship with his handler Diana Burnwood (Marsha Thomason), whom he had trusted until she, without explanation, betrayed the International Contract Agency (ICA) by sabotaging their funding and database, using the subsequent confusion to vanish. After the ICA is reformed, 47 is tasked by his new handler, Benjamin Travis (Powers Boothe), a high level official within the ICA, to kill Diana for her betrayal and retrieve an important Agency asset, a teenage girl named Victoria (Isabelle Fuhrman), from her mansion in Chicago. 47 sneaks into the mansion and shoots Diana, but rather than finish her off, 47 comforts his dying friend and asks her why she betrayed the ICA. Diana explains that she had discovered Victoria was genetically-engineered to become an assassin for the ICA, and not wishing to see Victoria suffer the same fate as 47 she betrayed the ICA and escaped with her. As Diana’s final request, 47 agrees to protect Victoria, for which Travis brands him a traitor.

After 47 drops Victoria off at the Rosewood Orphanage to hide, he contacts a disgraced Agency informant, Birdie (Steven Bauer), for information about Victoria and the ICA, which Birdie agrees to provide once 47 has assassinated a local crime boss (James Sie) in Chinatown for him. After cutting the barcode tattoo out of his head and giving his Silverballers to Birdie, 47 learns about a man named Blake Dexter (Keith Carradine), head of Dexter Industries, a home defense system company, who is staying at the Terminus Hotel and who has an interest in Victoria. 47 sneaks into the hotel and learns from a conversation between Dexter and his secretary Layla Stockton (Traci Lords) in the presidential suite that Dexter is planning to kidnap Victoria and sell her to the highest bidder. 47 tries to kill him, but is knocked out by Dexter’s deformed bodyguard, Sanchez (Isaac C. Singleton Jr.). Realizing who 47 is, Dexter kills a hotel maid, frames 47, and leaves him to die after setting his suite on fire. 47 manages to escape the hotel, and is then hunted by the police. After escaping, Birdie sends him to kill Dexter’s informant Dom Osmond (Jon Curry) at his strip club. Birdie then warns 47 that Dexter has hired thugs led by a mercenary named Edward Wade (Larry Cedar) to find him in order to discover Victoria’s location. 47 heads to Chinatown and kills the men searching for Birdie, only to discover Birdie has already been captured, and immediately heads to the orphanage; Birdie then betrays 47 by revealing Victoria’s location to Wade so that his life may be spared.

47 manages to kill Wade before he can escape with Victoria, but Lenny (Shane Stevens), Dexter’s son, grabs her and leaves. Learning where to find Dexter from a matchbook found on Wade, 47 heads to the town of Hope, South Dakota, where Dexter rules the town with the help of the corrupt sheriff, Clive Skurky (Jon Gries), who is under the pay of his private military company. Retrieving his Silverballers from a local gun shop, 47 takes out Lenny’s gang, the “Hope Cougars”, who were planning to kidnap Victoria from Dexter and sell her to a rival weapons company. After interrogating Lenny over where Victoria is, 47 is given the option to either kill Lenny or leave him to die in the desert. Arriving at Dexter Industries HQ, 47 sneaks into the company’s laboratory, kills the scientists who examined Victoria, and destroys their research data on her. After killing Sanchez in an underground cage fight, 47 recuperates at a hotel, but the hotel is attacked by an ICA strike team led by “The Saints”, Travis’s personal hit squad. 47 eliminates the Saints, including their leader, Lasandra Dixon. A furious Travis then heads to Hope with a large group of ICA operatives to kill 47 and find Victoria.

47 manages to find Victoria in the Hope Courthouse jail, but Skurky subdues him. As Dexter tortures 47, demanding to know where his son is, he is informed that Travis wants Victoria back in exchange for $10 million and leaves. 47 manages to escape into the streets of Hope, just as the ICA arrives to hunt him down. 47 pursues a wounded Skurky to a church where the sheriff tells 47 that Dexter is heading to Blackwater Park in Chicago before 47 kills him. In Chicago, Dexter and Travis attempt to exchange the money for Victoria, but the deal turns sour when Travis tries to renege on the deal and Dexter takes the money anyway. After reaching the top of Blackwater Park, 47 kills Layla and finally Dexter himself, after the latter had tried to escape with Victoria on a helicopter while ordering his men to blow up the building. Mortally wounded, Dexter laments the loss of his son and his money, leading a disgusted Victoria to throw the $10 million on his body before leaving with 47.

A few months later, Travis and his assistant Jade Nguyen arrive at a cemetery in England with an ICA crew to find Diana’s grave as he suspects that Diana faked her death. 47 is there as well as he recounts the letter Diana gave to him. In the letter, Diana reveals Victoria was created by Travis’s funding without the knowledge and approval of his superiors and tasks 47 with killing him. After eliminating Jade and Travis’s elite bodyguards, 47 confronts Travis himself after injuring him in an explosion. As Travis rants at 47 for wasting Victoria’s potential for the ICA, he asks 47 if he really did kill Diana to which 47 responds “You will never know” before shooting him.

It is later revealed that Diana did in fact fake her death and Victoria is with her at her mansion where 47 watches them from his scope on a building rooftop, thus revealing that he intentionally shot Diana in such a manner that she would survive. The game ends with a message from Diana to 47 welcoming him back to the ICA and thanking him for his help. It is also revealed that every mission undertaken by 47 from the end of Blood Money to Absolution was part of an elaborate plan by Diana to purge the ICA of internal corruption and eliminate Travis’s efforts to create cloned assassins. In the epilogue, Detective Cosmo Faulkner (Jonathan Adams) of the Chicago Police Department, who has been tracking 47 since the Terminus Hotel fire, is having trouble discovering 47’s identity until Birdie appears and offers to help him for a price while the door slowly closes.