Hiren BootCD 15.2




Minimum System Requirements

Processor : Dual Core
RAM : 1 GB
Setup Size : 700 MB Approx.

Hiren BootCD 15.2


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Hiren BootCD 15.2 – a collection of applications for diagnosing and eliminating computer faults, operating in the form of Live CD . The last version of the original kit is 15.2. The package includes a number of tools grouped in several categories, the available applications allow, among others managing disk partitions and troubleshooting system boot.

This kit allows you to use software designed for DOS, Windows and Linux. Out of several dozen programs included in its composition, some have shareware licenses , some freeware , and some freeware with the restriction prohibiting their use in commercial applications. Hiren may only be used by companies that have separate licenses for these programs. The popular, commercial programs Norton Ghost and Ghost Explorer were last included in version 10.4.

Hiren’s Boot CD includes Mini Windows XP , Parted Magic , DOS, and Windows 98 kernel . Most programs are intended for the Mini Windows XP environment.

The disc can be modified with the HBCDCustomizer program (Mini Windows XP) – it is possible, for example, to add commercial programs or additional environments such as Ubuntu Rescue Disk.

Hiren’s BootCD PE was also developed, based on Windows 10 PE [5] rescue disk that follows Hiren’s BootCD


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