Delta Force Xtreme 2




Minimum System Requirements

Processor : Dual Core
Graphics Card : Bult-in
RAM : 1 GB
Setup Size : 1 GB
Genre : First person shooter
Release Year : 2009

Delta Force Xtreme 2


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Delta Force Xtreme 2 (DFX2) is a first person shooter video game by NovaLogic. NovaLogic‘s previous title was Delta Force: Xtreme, which was released in April 2005. DFX2 has added multiplayer features, such as in-game squad emblems on characters and vehicles, and the ability to respawn in teammates’ vehicles. The game comes with a MED mission editor and a number of terrains and assets for players to create their own battleground and host them online. A free beta was available to the public before the full release of the game. The beta was first issued to Gold Members at NovaWorld 2. Additionally, players were able to test both single player and multiplayer content.

Development and release

The game was officially released on June 2, 2009 in North America, and became available worldwide through digital download through numerous sites including the NovaWorld Store, as of 19 June the game is available for download through Steam.